Next Steps … After You Signed the Petition

1. There are two ways that the bylaws of the American Rottweiler Club (ARC) allows for a revision of the AKC standard.

    a. The board of directors may make a motion to initiate such a revision

    b. Or by 20% of the signature of members in good standing. This is the route taken for the current update of the Rottweiler Standard

2. Once the 20% had been reached, the petition was sent to the ARC Board of Directors for a vote.

    a. On August 15, 2021, ARC sent an official email to all members notifying them that a request to add the description of the undocked tail to the standard had been properly submitted.

    b. The revision to the standard was then sent to AKC and began the same process for standard revisions used by all breed clubs

3. AKC reviewed and their board voted to approve as submitted at their October 2021 meeting confirming that it met the requirements for language allowed in their breed standards. 

    a. ARC sent an official letter to update its members on October 23, 2021

4. AKC  then publishes a copy of the complete (revised) standard is the AKC Gazette for the required 60-day period. 

    a. During this time anyone may write AKC with their comments

    b. Address to Mari-Beth O’Neill at referencing the American Rottweiler Club Standard with a short message of support  

5. Once the 60-day period ends the AKC Board of Directors vote again to permit the American Rottweiler Club to send a ballot to the memberships.

6. The petition is still open and continues to gather support for the update to our standard. 

7. Pease click the link to review the original petition page and add your name.  Any ARC member may sign!

8. Share the link to social media and talk it up. 

    a. Even if someone is not a voting member, positive opinions and support is what we need to get out the votes to update to the standard